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Play The World Park
An Arbor Day Weekend Event in New York's Central Park.

Dates: Friday, April 30th / Saturday May 1st, 2010
Location: Southeastern corner park entrance on 59th Street and Grand Army Plaza.
Time: 10am-6pm.

Join The World Park attendees on Facebook and mingle with the Central Park animals.


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The Experience—What is 'The World Park'?

The World Park is a mobile interactive experience that raises awareness and engagement for our city parks.

How to get started: All you need is a web-enabled smartphone and a Parkode™ or Qr-Code reader (Headphones are also recommended). Click here to locate a free reader for your phone.

Playing The World Park: On the day of the event, you'll receive a map which will help to guide you along a self-guided, intercative tour of New York's Central Park. Use the QR-Reader application to scan our location-based game codes called Parkodes™—small digital trees. Each Parkode™ reveals a question relating to its exact location--it's just like picking up a playing card. Answers come along with entertaining content and information you perhaps never knew about Central Park. Every map has a personal scorecard which you can use to compete with your friends across categories such as: Science & Geology, Pop Culture, Art & Music and History.

Come out and experience The World Park and unlock Central Park's famous walks, stories, movies, archeology and history through this one-of-a-kind event.

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About The World Park and its inventors

The World Park was created by Michael Ferrare, Founder of Agency Magma—a next generation advertising and creative content agency that helps brands explore new and innovative marketing approaches. Magma specializing in integrated media campaigns. You can view the official press release here and view the advertising campaign for the launch event here.

Key team members of The World Park are: Will Thomsen, Connie Finkelman, Kimberly Bartkowski, Jeremy Brown, Ian Stout, PHILLYK, Adam Larossa, Harlan Erskine, Jamie Victor, Mr. Squirrel, and Andrew Paul Mira. Special thanks to Rory McEvoy, Christine Dabrow and the Central Park Parks & Recreation team for their support for this idea and The World Park event.

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Contact Us.

Main contact:

Michael Ferrare, Founder / Creative Director of Agency Magma in New York

Email: michaelferrare@gmail.com

Mobile: 917-520-2892

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Public parks play a very special role in our communities. More and more each day, our technological advanced society continues to change the way people interact with each other and the world around them. The very technology we use the most everyday, our mobile phones, offer us great, new opportunities for next generation park experiences. Are you a brand that connects people and communities through technology? Or an outdoor, lifestyle, or historical organization that wants to partner with The World Park experience? If so, give us a call or email us to discuss our event sponsorship opportunities.

Email us or Contact us.

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